Duct scope Inspection:

Using a camera with a small diameter head, we can send the camera down a duct or vent pipe and see the condition of the duct or vent piping. We are able to see if there is any damage to the system such as:

A. Rusted piping.
B. Collapsed piping.
C. Obstructed piping.
D. flooded piping.
E. If there is any signs of mold.

A general Home Inspection does not include the duct scope. since the buried duct piping is not a visible item.

That is why I recommend a separate duct scope inspection. A duct scope Inspection is done by running a video camera through several areas of the duct system.

Who needs a duct scope Line Inspection?

I recommend this inspection if there is underground ducts and vents.

Note: We will advise all clients during the time of the inspection if a duct scope shoud be performed.

This recommendation is made strictly as a service to my clients, to help you avoid the high costs of duct repairs.

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