Sewer Line Inspection:

Using a camera with a small diameter head, we can send the camera down a sewer or drain line and see the condition of the pipe. We are able to see roots, grease buildups, sags, low spots, cracks, and other problems that may be in the pipe. Once the problem is seen and located, a recommendation can be given to solve the problem if one exists.

Sewer line problems are one of the most expensive and frustrating home concerns. Broken pipes, tree root blockage, and structural damage can eventually lead to replacement of the entire sewer line.

But a general Home Inspection does not include the sewer line, since the buried sewer line is not a visible item.

That is why I recommend a separate Sewer Line Inspection. A Sewer Line Inspection is done by running a video camera all the way from the house to the city sewer main.

Who needs a Sewer Line Inspection? I recommend this inspection in these cases:

  • Homes built before 1985
  • Homes with a lot of surrounding vegetation
  • Homes with basement toilets that do not flush adequately
  • Homes where a sewer cleanout access has been added
  • Homes that have had drain cleaning or "Roto-Rooter" type services
  • Homes with water staining visible at floor drains
  • Homes with sink holes
  • Homes with sewer odors

Homes where the buyer or owner is concerned about the sewer line's condition.

This company only does video pipeline inspections.

If we have enough lead time, the Sewer Line Inspection can be done at the same time as your general Home Inspection.

This recommendation is made strictly as a service to my clients, to help you avoid the high costs of sewer repairs.

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